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Blocked phone numbers

Here is a list of phone numbers to block on your phone. All of theses callers did not leave a message identifying who they were and why they called so they were blocked. If the caller is legit they will leave a message so you can call them back. These calls are either from telemarketers, in violation of the do not call list, or are a scam.









































How to block telemarketers on your iPhone for free

This is an instructional post on how to block telemarketers and anyone else you deem annoying from making your iPhone ring for FREE. Nothing is easy but with a little time and effort this is a great way to stop unwanted calls on your phone. The first step is to program everyone you want to receive calls from in your phones Contacts.

If you receive back office calls from anyone you do business with make sure to program those numbers in your phone as well. Here is an example. My Vet has a main number that was programmed in my phone but when they call to speak with me regarding the care of one of my pets they call from a back office line that I have since programmed in my phone.

Once that step is complete you can then go to Settings on your phone. Tap on Do not Disturb. After that is complete tap on Allow calls from and then select All contacts. Then select Manual. Exit settings. When your phone rings it will be from one of your contacts, all other calls will now go directly to voicemail.

If you’re receiving a lot of hang up calls from telemarketers you can permanently block their calls if you have a phone number. Tap on your Phone icon, then select the Contacts icon and then select Edit. I make up a name like Tele and then use the information that I was provided by the caller AZ, USA. I usually select main number and add the phone number provided by the caller. I then select done. Don’t forget this next step. Scroll to the bottom of the contact you just added and tap on Block This Caller.  Exit contacts.


Cooking, Food & Recipe Group

DEB Virtual Office Services designed this timeline cover page for a FaceBook group.


My review of the book Rapid WordPress Websites

I want to take a few minutes to give you my review of the book Rapid WordPress Websites by Dr. Andy Williams. If I had one word to describe this book it would be “Brilliant”. I have to give it 5 stars for the following reason(s). The most valuable information that I’ve learned to date about WordPress was covered in the “Getting the House in Order” chapter which you’ll find on pages 33 thru 45. It takes you through the WP “Settings” and gives you options or tips because the default settings do not really benefit YOU. Additionally, I wouldn’t count on your website designer to go through the default settings with or without you and if they do it’s probably going to be an extra charge.

As an example, if you go into your Settings then Writing and then to a box labeled Update Services, if you currently only have one entry in this box, then you definitely need this book so that your content is properly indexed and gets included in search engines faster. I was also very impressed with the Permalinks tip in the Custom Structure box and the Adding a Sitemap section.

The book was very well written, easy to read with detailed instructions on how to do it yourself (DIY). If you want to learn more about WP or want great tips, I highly recommend this book which is available for purchase at



Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you’re in the process of growing your business and you’re doing it alone, eventually your going to burn out or hit a wall. As a business owner there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything yourself and still have a life. From personal experience your constantly going to get distracted with daily repetitive duties that are critical, and have to be done. You tend to start a pile of things that you don’t have time to do, and focusing on growing your business gets put on the back burner.

Your primary focus should always be your clients or customers, expanding or improving your brand and networking to grow your list of clients or customers.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a smart business decision for a sole business owner or entrepreneur. How do you go about hiring a virtual assistant that’s right for you, and your business, so that you, can confidently learn to delegate your repetitive daily tasks, and other projects as needed like the pile of things you don’t have time to do. There are numerous ways with various online companies to research virtual assistants. This process will help you make the right choice for your business and budget. The first thing you should do is a Google search for “virtual assistants”. This is where you can find and research virtual assistant companies by clicking in websites that might interest you. Some of these websites have job boards where you can search for a virtual assistant, post a job for a virtual assistant or become a virtual assistant. LinkedIn has a search tool that allows you to review profiles or you can check social media “virtual assistant” groups because often times they also have job boards.

Once you find and hire a virtual assistant that’s right for your business and budget, that frees up your time so you can learn to delegate. You heard me correctly, you now have to learn to delegate which means giving up control of the repetitive daily tasks and other projects. Once you learn to delegate you can focus on growing your business tremendously, so hiring a virtual assistant is a win win for a sole business owner.




What’s a Virtual Assistant?

When meeting new people they often ask me what I do. I tell them that I am a Virtual Assistant. More often than not they ask, “What’s a Virtual Assistant?” I usually tell them that, I am a Secretary that works out of my own office and I have several clients that I work for on an as needed basis. Many business owners have no idea that Virtual Assistants exist and how valuable they can be for their business. I’ll just keep spreading the word.



Assistant for a day

What a difference a day can make with the help and services of a good assistant.  Having a good assistant one day a week, one day every other week or once a month can significantly impact a business owner who doesn’t need a full-time assistant, but would surely benefit with the help and expertise of a part-time assistant.  A knowledgeable assistant can perform a variety of services or tasks that are delegated from and tailored to each business owner.  Depending on the type of services or tasks, they can be performed virtually or in the business owners office.  Having a good assistant is a money-making, problem solving, time-saver that’s absolutely critical for a business owner.  If you’re a business owner reading this, take a moment and visualize your office organized or your project completed. ” That’s what a good assistant can do for you.”


Database Management Projects

DEB Virtual Office Services performs database management for clients on an as needed basis.


Merging CSV files

DEB Virtual Office Services merged data from two CSV files into a Custom spreadsheet.


Anniversary & Birthday Cards

DEB Virtual Office Services assists several business owner’s monthly by sending anniversary and birthday cards to their customers, clients and/or employees on their behalf.  This is so rewarding for everyone involved.  My clients get thank you’s and referrals from their customers, clients and/or employees. Their customers, clients and/or employees are happy and in the end, I even get thanked by my clients for making them look good.